New strain of marijuana won’t get you high

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ISRAEL – Looks like Israeli`s will be lighting more than just candles for Hannukah.

80 year old Moshe Roth will attest to the benefits of sparkin’ up a bowl.
He said: “Ohhhhh … good”

Smoking pot is a recent hot topic, with two U.S. states voting for recreational marijuana, and several states already allowing medical canibus, making many tokers smile.

Now a new twist, researchers in Israel developed a new pot plant that helps people who are suffering, but there`s a down side for those of you looking to reach cloud nine…this pot,  won`t make you high.

Tikun Olam, the Israeli company that grows and distributes medical marijuana, says the newly developed strain has almost no T-H-C, the stuff that makes you high.
The plant produces a high concentration of a substance called c-b-d.

Ruth Galilly, a scientist studying the effects of C-B-D said: “So we are really dealing with a non-toxic material very active as anti-inflammatory and anti-pain and not expensive to grow.”

Strictly controled medical marijuana has been legal in Israel for more than a decade. Even kids are using this new strain if they`ve been perscribed by a doctor and have an individual license to use it.

Moshe Kahlon, Israel`s Minister of Communication said: “We can`t be all the time narrow minded.  We have to think about people who are suffering, and we have to think how to help them without God forbid allow more use of drugs by those who don`t need them.”

Critics say, thre just isn`t enough research on marijuana for medical purposes.

Great news for those who want the medicinal benefits of pot, but not so great for those, who in the future may only be able to buy this ‘high’less strain of weed in those special pharmacy`s.

Moshe Roth, says he`ll stick to the good old stuff.