Parking lot robber caught red handed after Police chase

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HOUSTON, TX – Some people grow up thinking they can’t do anything right…so they turn to a life of crime.

But then it turns out, they fail at that, too.

Two guys in Houston thought it would be smart to try and pull a gun and rob a guy painting red stripes in a parking lot.

The victim fought back with his only weapon, but he paid for that…he was shot twice, but will survive.

The suspects then took off in a minivan.

Harris County Deputies chased them down East Freeway until they crashed into a concrete pillar on Freeport Boulevard.

The suspects ran off, but deputies were able to catch up with one of them.

He was pretty easy to spot because he was covered in paint and so was his gun.

Criminals might not like obeying the law, but they might want to consider one: Murphy`s.