Pilot crash land in Gulf, records rescue with iPad

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GULF OF MEXICO – On a business flight from the Baytown Airport to Tampa, FL. Theodore “T.R.” Wright and his friend Raymond Fosdick, got into serious trouble.

“Exactly at the halfway point, an hour and a half into the flight over the Gulf of Mexico, we had smoke in the cockpit. When I say smoke, a lot of smoke, fire a major situation,” Wright said as he recalled the scary incident in late September.

They were forced to make a crash landing into the Gulf of Mexico.

“We immediately put the airplane down,” he explained. “I chopped the throttles, pointed it straight for the water and made a rough landing in the water. The plane immediately sank. We jumped out of the aircraft and were immediately neck deep in the water.”

They escaped the crash with their lives and one other item.

“On the way out I just, not even thinking about it, grabbed my iPad and stuck it between my chest and my life jacket,” he explained.

Wouldn’t that be the first thing you reach for when your life is flashing before your eyes?

After that, all they could do is wait and hope to be rescued.

“So we made a video, and I didn’t think anything of it at the time other than just a quick video to make us feel like we weren’t alone,” Wright said.

In the video, which he later posted on YouTube, Wright can be seen floating in the Gulf. He said, “We just had a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico and the iPad survived.”

He credits the Lifeproof case for saving his iPad.

After being in the water for three hours, the two were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

It’s an unbelievable story. Good thing he has the video to prove it.