Airport uses music by Tina Turner to scare birds

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GLOUCESTERSHIRE – The tightening of airport security has certainly helped preventing the bad guys from hurting people.  But there’s still one threat affecting flight safety: birds.

Annual damages caused by bird-strikes have been estimated at $400 million in the U.S. alone, and $1.2 billion to commercial aircraft worldwide.   In England, however, it seems like they’ve found a very loud solution.

Yes, the best, the one and only, Tina Turner.  Gloucestershire airport has been playing her songs from loudspeakers mounted on a van, and apparently they’re big hits: the birds are scared away.   They used to play bird distress noises, but one day the sound system stopped working and rock and roll took over.  Yeah, baby!  It’s not the first time Americans came to save the brits.

It’s very rare that major accidents are caused by bird-strikes, but there’s always one fatal casualty: the bird.  So, thank you Tina.  You’re helping mother nature survive human aviation.  But after winning 8 Grammy awards, we’re pretty sure the title of best musical scarecrow is nothing to be proud of.