Latrone Williams from Rayburn High School

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Latrone Williams is a junior for Rayburn High School where he is the starting running back, and plays basketball, baseball and track for the Texans. He works at Subway and has interests in working on cars.

He may be a football player and a fan of computer science but don’t get confused by this week’s class act of the week ‘Tron’

Latrone Williams is a junior at Sam Rayburn High School where’s he making his mark on both the gridiron and off it.

David Satcher, Rayburn High School head football coach, says, “Even though he’s just a junior, he’s still kind of a team leader for us. A lot of kids kind of gravitate toward him and feed off his energy both on and off the field.”

Tron is trying to share his knowledge of the game with his 13-year old brother Josh.

Latrone Williams, Rayburn High School junior running back, says, “I just try to teach him the things I’m learning now so he can be as good as I am, as good as I was. I want him to be better than me”

Tron not only wants to help his brother out, but he helped with the coaching transition that took place at Rayburn this season.

Satcher says, “He was just one of those that stuck out. He always had a smile on his face. He’s kind of a humble kid but he’s real fun to be around . He’s just one of those kids that brighten the room when he’s there.”

Williams adds, “I kind of like the way he is and as I told some kids just give him a chance. Gave him the chance and we started off the season pretty good.”

But coach David Satcher is quick to point out that tron is a hard worker.

Satcher says,  “He works consistently hard both in the class room and outside the class room and it’s one of those deals where you can use him to show other kids that look here is someone that has some gifts and is utilizing those gifts and taking advantage of everything he has been given.”

Tron takes his work ethic to a local Subway restaurant where he’s employed, and he uses that money to work on one of his hobbies  – working on cars.

He has a Mustang he’s worked on, as well as a red pick-up truck that he likes.

Williams says, “My goal is to be successful in high school, go to college and do something different.”

As a junior he’s yet to decide what college he will attend but he’s on the right road for success.