Indianapolis home explosion leaves 2 dead

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INDIANAPOLIS – Home. It’s supposed to protect us from the world but something went horribly wrong in Indianapolis.

Fire officials say at least two people are dead and several more injured when two houses exploded overnight. There’s no word yet on what caused the blast, though gas lines have been shut off as a precaution.

‘I was upstairs watching TV on our bed [when] the explosion rocked me. My wife was downstairs in our family room, and she started screaming my name, and she was covered in glass,’ one neighbor said.

‘Looked out the window and saw a fire, I ran out it was four houses down from my house. The house was completely flat. It looked like a gas explosion,’ said another neighbor.

Officials say the blast rocked the neighborhood, damaging about 18 other homes in roughly a two-block radius.

Authorities say at least 200 residents were evacuated from the neighborhood to a nearby elementary school.

There’s no word yet on when residents will be allowed back home. But undoubtedly, “home” will never be the same for these people.

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