Palestine strikes Israel

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SYRIA – Looks like “peace in the middle east” took a step backwards.

The Israeli military says Israel fired warning shots towards Syria after a mortar shell hit an Israeli military post. This is a big deal, considering Israel hasn’t fired on their Syrian neighbors since 1973.

The Israeli military was quick to point out that it was not the target of an attack, but rather, part of the quote “internal conflict in Syria.”

This isn’t the only battle Israel is fighting. According to the Jerusalem Post, Palestinians fired 80 rockets and mortars in Gaza during a 24-hour period. Amazingly, only three people were wounded in the attack.

The Jerusalem Post also says Palestinians recently fired 25 rockets in southern Israel.

All of this comes after a 13-year old Gazan boy was buried last week. An innocent bystander — in every sense of the word — shot while playing soccer with his friends.

“I ran downstairs running and I found my brother inside.  He put his hand on his stomach and he was screaming ‘help me,`” said the boy`s brother, Bilal Abu Daqa.

When is enough enough?