Political campaigns spent $6B, but Americans spent more on Halloween

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WASHINGTON, DC – You know what they say about money: It makes the world go ‘round.

And money makes political campaigns go around. This year the presidential and congressional campaigns spent around $6 billion, give or take a million.

And that sounds like a whole lot of money, honey, but is it, compared to how much we spend on other things?

For instance, the website Mashable figures Americans spent about $8 billion this year on Halloween candy, costumes and decorations.

The statistic brains at Statistic Brain put their heads together and figured out that Americans spend about $15 billion a year on bottled water, not counting the cost to dispose of all of that plastic garbage.

But we save our big bucks for mama.

That’s right. The Fiscal Times says we spent more than $18 billion on Mother’s Day, $18.6 billion for those counting at home.

Still, money doesn’t hurt if you’re trying to win an election.

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