20 states petition to secede from the U.S.

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USA – Finally! Rick Perry may actually become President. Not of the United States, of course, we saw what a nightmare that turned out to be. The President of Texas is still up for grabs and if Perry gets his way he’s first in line for the position.

After last week’s election where the masses spoke loud and clear, it’s obvious that when some voters don’t get their way that whole ‘proud to be an American’ thing goes right out the window.

Thousands of people in at least 20 different states have signed petitions online asking permission to peacefully secede from the U.S. the lone star state has more than 23,000 signatures, more than any other states’ petitions. This all feels so 1861.

Does anyone else have a serious case of deja vu right now?

That’s right; the American Civil War. Guess old habits die hard.

Funny how some Americans like to talk about ‘the power of the people’ but only feel strongly about the principle when the masses are in their favor. It’s called the UNITED States for a reason people!

Wipe your noses, wait four years and get over it!


  • Phase2Guy

    41% of the popular vote in Texas went to President Obama. After Texas secedes, will the 41% move to a non-seceding state? BTW, Alabama wasn't far away. 38% of Alabama voters chose Obama, too.

    If states where 90% of voters chose Romney wanted to secede, the idea would at least make sense. But with around 60% voting for Romney, I suspect the secessionists are in a very small minority group (also known as "nut-jobs").

    I have an alternate idea. Why doesn't the U.S. secede from "them?" Make a list of these nut-jobs, pick them up, and airdrop them by parachute over Cuba. They won't like it much there either – but I'll bet they'll appreciate the U.S.A. a lot more when they return ("if" they return).

  • M

    This video is way off. Both parties want big government and small people. That is not liberty, that is not the American experiment. “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master” George Washington. We now have a fearful master my friend. You may want a master. I want to be free. We were free to enter, ipso facto we remain free to leave.

  • Phase2Guy

    OK … hands up … all those who think ANY state will secede from the union? This so-called secessionist movement is pure symbolism without substance – an ultra ultra minority of wackos who, having not gotten their way in the election, have manufactured so much sour grapes they should go into the wine business.

    Here's a thought in the "what comes around goes around" department. Back in the 1960's, the conservative response to vocally protesting liberals was the slogan, "Love it or leave it." Now, in the 21st Century, what do you suppose the liberal response should be to vocally protesting conservatives?


    ok i didnt vote. im sure u think it would have mattered and your wrong. just like alaska didnt matter. the president won because of only one thing he said before he became president the second time. want to hear? he was for gay and lesbian marriage. texas was already going to do this if he was voted the second time. somebody told me that before hand. he did nothing since being in office. gave the irs more power and took away from the people. do u blame anybody for wanting to break apart? health care is very important in progression, but the wrong way at it(irs). u dont vote for your party u vote for the party that is going to do most for AMERICA… and i would say we screwed up real bad. saying your for gay and lesbian marriage is wrong, that is only up to the state…alot of fools out here, u know.. so do u blame texas and othes, hell no. america was founded on the bible. what happened? liberalism yep. well its going to be fun the next 4 years.. and by the way, how did he win ohio when like80 to 90 percent was red? electoal votes is an absolute joke. that is why ure vote does not count. by the way i live in one of those states and i would OUT OUT OUT.

    • whocaresnow187

      WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO FREEDOM OF SPEACH ?Let me guess ,if u are a dem u can say what ever u want ,but if u are a repub,u have to watch what we say .

  • whocaresnow187

    i am with u smoothone75 . i am from wisconsin an when the dems couldnt get scott walker out of office all they did was wine about it .he got more votes during the recall then he did when he got voted in the first time.People move to this country to be free from goverments telling them what to do an how to live there lives .I feel sorry for the people who live in caili an cant go to the store now on a monday an buy a steak if they want to eat one .Tell me why i have to pay in taxes ,just so shabobo across the street with ten kids from ten diffrent dads can just keep having them an the hard working man has to pay for them cause she cant work ,because she is always on her back.

  • anonymous

    Jesus is coming back SOON. WAKE UP AMERICA. If our country doesn’t repent, America is doomed. And it wouldn’t even matter who our president is. Read your Bibles. Its happening already, prophecy is being fulfilled. And gay marriage is an abomination to humanity. It’s unnatural. It goes against everything in the word of God.

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