Brighten a stranger’s day with a random act of kindness

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HOUSTON, TX – You can easily brighten someone’s day with a simple random act of kindness.

Your idea of kindness could be helping an old lady cross the road, paying for a friend`s lunch or volunteering at a charity.

In honor of National Kindness Day, a few Newsfixers went out and gave away a few George Washington’s to random people. It ain’t much, but it’s what we had.

It made John Dixon want to spread the kindness around. ‘I will pay it forward. Next person I see I’m going to give them a dollar. I didn’t know it was National Kindness Day. Thank you very much,’ he said gratefully.

Pamela Thompson thought the dollar came with a catch. ‘Wow! Really, what’s the trick,’ she asked.

She also wanted to share the wealth after realizing it was National Kindness Day. ‘When I get back to work I’ll be kind to someone and pass it on,’ Thompson said.

It took a bit of persistence to get Raquel Peña to take the money. ‘No, I don’t need it,’ she said politely.

It make you wonder, do we really need to set aside one day of the year to be kind to people?

‘I think every day should be national kindness day,’ Thompson said.

She’s absolutely right. So, what did you do to be kind today? It all counts.

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