Helping end hunger with a CAN-do attitude

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HOUSTON, TX – Everyday in America, one in five kids aren’t worried about getting that newest cellphone or i-Thingee. They’re too busy wondering if they’ll have food to eat. That’s 17 million kids struggling with hunger, more than a million people in our area alone. For them, even one can of food can feel like Christmas morning.

So a Houston group decided to do something about that, and this week at CityCentre, their plan is under “can-struction.”

CANstruction Houston teams up with local high schools, businesses, engineers and architects to create sculptures of donated, canned foods. And not just a few cans…. thousands and thousands! Donna Singer of Gravity Lock Systems says they used about 6,000 cans on their tribute sculpture to Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon.

“Our theme this year is ‘Fairytales Can Come True,'” said Erin Kueht of Walter P. Moore Engineering. “So we have a pop-up book and a castle coming out of it, and some Disney princesses hiding in our windows.”

Last year, 17 teams participated in the building competition/benefit. This year 29 teams signed up. 10 of those are from high schools, including St. Agnes Academy, Klein Forest and Memorial.

“We’re very blessed to have food,” said Reid McMordie, a student participant from Memorial High School. “We love to give back to the community for people that are struggling for food every day, and these (cans) will be donated to the Houston Food Bank to help people there.”

With 29 teams, that means more than a 100,000 cans of food will reach the poor and hungry around our city.

Carla Curtis with Midway Advanced Products is happy to help fight hunger, “The fact that we’re able to come together as a community and raise awareness and provide these people a night of peace… that they don’t have to worry for even just a moment where their next meal is going to be (coming from) is so rewarding.”

The CANstruction displays will be up through Saturday at CityCentre. Then comes “De-CANstruction” when everything’s torn down and handed over to the Food Bank and onto those who really need it… fighting hunger in Houston, one can at a time.

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