One third of London men suffer from penis blindness

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LONDON – Good news for Americans; we’re not the only ones with an obesity problem!

A new survey, reported by The Evening Standard in the UK, found that 1/3rd of men living in the greater London area can’t see themselves. It’s not an issue of eye-sight or having a vampire’s reflection, they can’t see “themselves” because of their big, burly, bellies.

That means over 33% of these jolly ole’ chaps in London town cannot look down and “say hello to their little friend.” This trend of a man’s belly obstructing his view is referred to in the study as “penis blindness,” but since it does have just one eye we think they could’ve been more creative.

Something like, manhood misplacement, bangers and mash barrier or Big Bend blocker would be more appropriate terms.

This manhood misplacement, however, comes with some hard-hitting side-effects. A higher chance of diabetes, colon cancer and high blood pressure; along with a seriously reduced risk of bumpin’ uglies with the London ladies.

So, if you’re like the men in London, it’s time to hit it hard… we’re talking about the gym!

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