Target’s Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving night, employees protest

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HOUSTON, TX – At Target, Black Friday will actually start on Thursday!  Yes, on Thanksgiving.

The chain will open their doors at 9pm. 3 hours earlier than they did in years past.

Great news for some shoppers; employees on the other hand would rather stay home with their families for a few extra hours.

One target employee in California started an online petition to save Thanksgiving for family. Over 150,000 people signed in support.

Here in Houston, Laura Sonnier, a Target shopper said, “I think it would be better if Thanksgiving stayed Thanksgiving. It would be nice, people who work here get to stay at home and people who are at home can stay at home and visit their families.”

Though there are benefits to stores opening just a few hours early on the holiday.

Jennifer Arevalo says, “I think by that point, you want some time apart maybe, from Thanksgiving, so the shoppers will probably love it, I doubt that the workers at Target would enjoy it.”

But Target employees can be thankful they don’t work for some of the other retailers who will be open for business at 8.

Pretty soon, our Thanksgiving dinners will be eaten in shopping carts.


  • BryanDumaske

    I have been torn for days on whether or not to post something on this page.

    You see, I am a Target employee and had to be very careful about how I posted. I was told by my Human Resources ETL that anything that could negatively reflect Target would be considered "unbrand" and it could also affect my terms of employment.

    So I made a fake facebook in order to share my thoughts on black friday (or I guess black thursday now).

    The team members have heard it all before. "You work retail, so you should be prepared for a chaotic schedule." But I don't exactly WANT to work retail. The job market requires me to work any job I can find right now, and, even with a bachelor's degree, it turned out that that job was to be a cashier for Target. A very low paying job that barely pays my loans back. (I should mention that a service desk employee in our store even has a master's degree.)

    So, with that being said, many (almost all) of the team members from my store were outraged when we heard that the time for black friday was pushed back 3 more hours from last year. For those of you that don't know how this might affect us, even though the store opens at 9, many of us have to come in hours before in order to prepare the store.

    Some of us mentioned to our HR that we just couldn't make it. Even midnight was pushing it for many, as team members travel hours in order to see their families. The HR's response? "I don't think that would be a very wise choice. There is a very high possibility of termination for any employee who does not come to their required shift on black friday." As I mentioned before, in this economy, team members cannot take the risk. They've given us an ultimatum.

    And then I see what you said in response to guest comments. that you kept your "team members in mind" and "appreciate their flexible work hours." We know this is to benefit profit, and that you are not keeping us in mind at all, something that Target normally prides itself on.

    So if you are a guest, and you take pride in our nation's family values and holidays, give thanks to your service workers, whether it be in wal-mart, k-mart, or target, and do NOT shop on black friday (or at least until after midnight so that it is actually on friday). If enough people do not shop, companies will see it as nonprofitable and will push the time back for next year.

    We have families and we want to celebrate the holidays with them. Thank you.

    (I posted this exact same thing on the Target facebook page, but their PR team is very closely monitoring the page and quickly hid it from the view of others. Feel free to share this with anyone you feel it might influence)

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