Wounded hero receives keys to new house

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CYPRESS, TX – Want to get a house for free? OK, here’s the plan: join the Marines, fight in a major war in the Middle East and receive three Purple Hearts for injuries and 2 Bronze Stars for Valor in combat. If you can get hit by a grenade while you are trying to rescue a fellow trapped Marine, survive being shot twice and go through nine surgeries that will certainly do.

At this point, you probably understand why Sgt. Marty Gonzalez USMC (Ret.) and his family truly deserve this home in Cypress. We met the Gonzalez’s a while ago, when the “Helping A Hero” program and Perry Homes started building their house.  But now the big day has come: at a ceremony with neighbors, officials and fellow veterans, Marty, his wife Townee and their three children received the keys of this brand new house.

This is a home run! And who better than Astro’s legend Craig Biggio to show how much Americans value what Marty has done for our country.

“We are very lucky to live the lives that we live here in the United States, and the reason why we’re able to do it is because of our young men and women keeping us safe every day and every night,” said Biggio.

Sgt. Marty Gonzalez didn’t risk his life for a reward, but without a doubt this support honors his service.  It took a tremendous sacrifice from this man to make his American dream come true. A sacrifice his children will be very proud of.

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  • beckysmad

    I know that these militery people do deserve the houses and much more.but why don’t the people that are on the street or the people that just can’t afford to move into a good home. How come it is only if you do something for the government or your working for someone important that when you get all thep you need.when are the people of america going to stop and. Say hey this is our country when did it become just the rich and the governments country. Wake up people and see what’s really going on thank you. Becky

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