Two Million Dollars Worth of Diamonds Smuggled

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There are lots of ways to rip off diamonds.  You can do the old switch-a-roo when no one`s looking, or you can bring your crew for a smash and grab. Messy, but efficient as long as everyone is wearing a mask.

But some people have turned diamond theft into international diamond smuggling.

Cops in South Africa say they nabbed a diamond smuggler who tried to get on a plane with $2-million worth of ice . . . in his intestines.

Yeah, they say he had his boarding pass in hand and diamonds in his belly when they stopped him from getting on a plane to Dubai.

Police made him take a laxative, and that liberated 220 diamonds, weighing about 1,000 carats.

The hard part was cleaning off the diamonds, because, well, they were a bit, shall we say, soiled.

But, hey, chocolate diamonds are the in-things right now.

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