3 teenagers, dog get lost in woods

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SPLENDORA, TX – The deep, dark forest is no place for young hobbits to find themselves alone at night.

And there can be more than cute, fury critters, creepy little men, and clueless two-dimensional white girls running around singing to the birds and butterflies.

The woods, at night, can be cold and treacherous, and can lure the unsuspecting boy and his dog, and trusting companions, into places they should never go alone.

Evil wasn’t lurking in the Splendora woods this weekend, just an 18-year-old guy, his 17-year-old girlfriend, a 14-year-old friend and their hog-hunting mutt.

Authorities say they went into the woods Sunday afternoon, but soon got lost. They tried calling out, but their cell phone batteries went dead, and they found themselves hopelessly lost in the cold and dark woods.

Family and friends set out on foot and four-wheelers to find them, but ended up calling the Liberty County sheriff after midnight as the temperatures approached freezing.

A Department of Public Safety helicopter equipped with a heat detector located the missing teens and the dog around 4 a.m.

None was hurt. They were lucky.

They could have run into a traveling Broadway troupe that forced them to listen to another Sondheim musical, with no intermission.