5-Hour Energy drinks cited in 13 deaths

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NEW YORK, NY – Energy drinks may put some pep in your step, but they could also take you one step closer to the grave.

The federal government is investigating claims that the ‘5 Hour Energy’ drink may have led to 13 deaths and dozens of life-threatening conditions, including heart attacks, convulsions and at least one ‘spontaneous abortion.’

The popular energy shot packs a powerful caffeine punch equal to two cups of coffee. One a day is probably okay. But bad stuff happens if you binge.

“If you have too much caffeine, it could throw off the rhythms of the heart–give you a fatal arrhythmia, and that could kill you,” said Dr. Steve Salvatore, board certified emergency medicine physician.

The investigation into ‘5 Hour Energy’ comes one month after ‘Monster Energy’–a drink that contains even more caffeine–was allegedly liked to five deaths.

And remember ‘Four Loko’?

The controversial alcoholic energy drink has disappeared from store shelves, after it sickened a bunch of college kids.

The claims against ‘5 Hour Energy’ and ‘Monster’ have yet to be proven, but if you’ve already got a heart condition, you should probably avoid them.

Otherwise this drink…might very well be your last.