Brooklyn pot dealer donates profits to Sandy victims

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BROOKLYN, NY – You’ve heard the typical reactions to smoking weed. You get hungry, you get sleepy and you get a little stupid laughing at anything along way. If you’re growing the green, people usually don’t associate your career path with a spirit of generosity. One dope dealer in Brooklyn, New York is turning his green into green sending his pot-sale-profits to his ‘buds’ in Rockaways who were hit by Hurricane Sandy.

He took half of what he made in two days ($1,400/2 = $700) and used it for a good cause.

The Huffington Post says his donation bought 50 wool blankets for those left without a ‘pot’ to piddle in.

We guess THC stands for tender-hearted-caregiver!

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  • Lisa L. Adams

    I’d like to make $700 a day. I’d donate half, too. If it were legal, Uncle Sam would take half anyway, but I could claim the donation on my taxes

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