City of Houston recycles roadside campaign signs

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HOUSTON, TX – Here’s a sign that politics are hazardous.

The political signs from the last few months have a special place in trash hell, at the city of Houston’s hazardous waste materials recycling location.

The city collects the political eye sores, disassembles them and bundles the separated parts.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Marilyn Leday, the City of Houston Recycle Program District Manager. “We try and get as much revenue as we can from it.”

Luckily, city workers aren’t putting in all the manpower.

“Most of this work is done by community service workers,” said Leday. “Without the community service workers, we couldn’t do it. It would be too much work involved.”

The city makes a small profit by selling the material to a broker, and the broker turns the waste into usable goods.

It’s just good to know there is some benefit to all that political waste.