Man finds $20K in book

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WELLESLEY, MA – It’s been said, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’  No one believes that more than Digger Picasso, from Massachusetts.

Okay, okay Digger Picasso isn’t his real name; but this Brazilian immigrant doesn’t want you to know his real name or what he looks like, you’ll understand why in a minute.

Digger collects books and magazines for his artwork. On his last visit to the dump he came across a remarkable book. It wasn’t a Gutenberg Bible he found, but apparently it is old.

“This book has a lot of history here,” he says.

But more importantly, it also has a lot of money- between 20 and 30 grand was found in the book, but he’s not telling the exact amount.

He says when he opened the book and saw the money; he closed it quickly and ran his car. Probably a normal reaction, but what Digger did next was extraordinary. He looked for a name in the book so he could return it to the owner.

Digger is an honest man and he’s given himself 6 months to find the owner and return the cash. Don’t misunderstand, he wants the money. In fact he thinks about it every night before he falls asleep. But for now he’ll wait.

But in six months if nobody claims it he says, “Then I can say I did my part and I can go back to sleep every single day with no problem.”

Whether or not he keeps the money, Digger Picasso is a rich man.