Rockets continue to pelt Gaza

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GAZA – All eyes are on the Israeli-Palestinian border.

Day six, as rockets continue to pelt Gaza. Even the Silver Fox Anderson Cooper isn’t safe from the danger.

Most businesses are closed and the streets, for the most part, are empty as warplanes, drones and rockets fly overhead.

Around 100 people have died and nearly 800 have been injured during the past week alone. And we’re not just talking about soldiers; children and innocent civilians have been caught in the crossfire.

Egypt is trying to broker a cease-fire, but as you can see, that hasn’t happened yet.

Israel is beefing up its presence at the Palestinian border, calling on nearly 75,000 reservists and tens of thousands of troops.

All the while, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal basically says they’re not backing down since Israel started it.

Sounds like kids on a playground. Too bad the toys in this case are nothing to be playing around with.