Americans taking less vacation days

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BELLEVUE, WA  – We all like vacation, but a new study suggests that Americans don`t take all the vacation we have coming to us.

Expedia, the folks who make money when people take vacations, found that on the average, we Americans use only 10 of our 12 vacation days each year.

But we seem like slackers when compared to the average Japanese worker who takes only five of the 13 days allotted.

But the French and the Spanish take the European vacation prize. Workers in those countries use all 30 days they have coming to them.

The Expedia study shows Americans throw away vacation days because of scheduling conflicts and because some workers get to roll over their vacation time from year to year.

If nothing else, a few extra days away from the workplace means a few more days away from that psycho co-worker that your boss won`t get rid of.