Leave it to Reddit to find Mitt Romney pumping gas

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LAJOLLA, CA – Where in the world is Mitt Romney these days?

If you said a beach near San Diego you’re close. The GOP Presidential nominee has gone from attempting to be the ruler of the free world to pumping his own gas.

This Reddit photo was supposedly taken very recently, maybe even last night.  Standing next to his car, Romney too looks like he’s outta gas. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

First he’s dragged to the vampire tween-flick Twilight now he’s forced to do manual labor. Geez, give the guy a break it’s only been two weeks since his big loss.

“Mkb95”, the Reddit user who took the picture, says Romney looked ‘tired and washed up’ but the two had a 3 minute conversation while he was filling up his ride. “Mkb95” wasn’t the only one to spot Romney refueling, the Girls ‘Tweeted’ a photo of the former governor at the gas station.

These photos prove once again winning isn’t everything, but losing definitely sucks.