Man breaks into zoo, beats monkey to death

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BOISE, ID – Police have arrested 22-year old Michael J. Watkins in a beating death in Boise, Idaho. No, not mano-a-mano. More like mano-a-monkey.

Police say Watkins broke into Zoo Boise and beat a rare patas monkey to death. Now Watkins is facing felony burglary and grand theft charges.

A second man was seen outside the zoo. He’s been identified but isn’t facing charges.

Blood was found at the site, and authorities are testing it to see if it belonged to the monkey or the man. What good is that going to do? What’s done is done, right?

Get this: the staff at Zoo Boise is giving the remaining patas monkey extra attention after his buddy’s death.

No word yet on a motive. Either way, it’s hard to tell who the real animal is in this case.

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