Oprah tweets about the Microsoft Surface from her iPad

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CHICAGO, IL – The holiday’s just wouldn’t be the holiday’s without Oprah and a list of her favorite things!

Even though she doesn’t have her own daytime talk show anymore—just her own freakin’ network—Oprah is still making that list and checking it twice.

The latest product she’s gushing over, Microsoft’s new Surface tablet. Oprah even put it on her list of favorite things this year. She even tweeted about it, saying “Gotta say love that surface! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts.”

There was one itsy, bitsy problem. The tweet was sent from iPad! Of course, many are poking fun at Oprah for the fumble. But some tech bloggers defended her, saying that there isn’t a Twitter app available for Windows 8 yet. And, no one is taking it too seriously. After all, this is Oprah we’re talkin’ about here!