Sex toy sales in Canada rise due to NHL lockout

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ALBERTA, CANADA – Upset Canadian hockey fans are finding new ways to fill the void left during the NHL lockout this year. Not by scoring on the rink… but by scoring with themselves! Ohhhh Canada!

Adult shops in Alberta are having a hard time keeping their shelves stocked. Sales show the sex toy biz is buzzing… brought on by the lack of a hockey season this year. But since a good puck is hard to come by these days, Canadians are finding other ways to get them through their long, hard winter.

Our neighbors up north might be suffering from Zamboni dysfunction, but there’s still plenty of scoring going on inside their crease. Sex toys, sex games, sexual video’s and lingerie are seeing a 15% spike in sales since October. Instead of strapping on the skates this season, these kinky Canuck’s seem to be strapping on something else.