Shop smart this holiday season

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HOUSTON – While you’re out shopping for deals and steals this weekend, remember that you’re not the only one looking with a “cheap is good, free is better’ mentality!

So, just like every year the Houston Police Department is giving bayou-city shoppers a friendly reminder. Be aware!

This year’s “safe shopping starts with you” campaign is a nice way for HPD to say, basically, don’t be one of the morons who leaves all your goodies laying out in your car. They’ll get stolen. Don’t talk on your cell phone in parking lots, because it makes you a  target. Most importantly, don’t bring too many coupons, because it holds up the checkout lines.

Okay, so we added that last part in there. HPD hit a few parking lots Wednesday leaving report cards on peoples windshields letting shoppers know whether they passed or failed the safety test, according to HPD’s “safe shopping standards.”

Basically, it all comes down to one thing. Common sense. Let’s face it… if you really want to guarantee your safety on Black Friday, shop online!