Black Friday Frenzy

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So what do you do after you`ve scarfed down the turkey and everything else that wasn`t moving?

Well, you can trot yourself down and wait in line with your friends and neighbors to take part in that favorite Thanksgiving tradition: Black Friday Shopping.

We don`t have any numbers yet, but from the looks of things, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of Houston-area bargain hunters braved good weather and mild temperatures just to save a few bucks.

Some people came early and slept in tents, which is ‘intense.’ And some people were in line for days.

All that just to be first through the door to snag those special deals.

But things weren`t as laid back in some parts of the country. Police in Kentwood, Mich., had to use pepper spray on one unruly hombre. At least two shoppers there spent Black Friday behind bars, and we`re not talking Tiki bars, either.

And out in Sacramento, one ‘surly bird’ shopper threatened to stab more than a turkey if shoppers didn`t stop bumping into his kids.

Ah, Black Friday, another reason the terrorists won`t win: Because nothing gets between a shopper and a bargain.