Pearland Couple killed in 100 Car Pile-up

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Investigators believe two accidents, one on each side of I-10 Thanksgiving morning, set in motion several minutes of terror about fifteen miles outside of Beaumont.

Within minutes the mangled wreckage of as many as 100 cars, SUVs, and trucks closed down the busy interstate. One investigator said cars were on top of cars and 18-wheelers on top of cars.

Rescuers went from vehicle to vehicle, sometimes more than once, searching for victims. As many as 120 survivors went to area hospitals, some with critical injuries.

Debbie and Vincent Leggio of Pearland were the only fatalities. The grandparents were apparently on their way to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary, which was last week.

Vincent Leggio was an electrical contractor.  Margaret Fassy described the Leggios as model citizens who will be missed.

‘In the community they were highly noticed, and very, very sincere people in the community efforts. They would come over and donate their time and energy if we had any electrical problems, you  know, in the building of Christian Helping Hands. And, they`re just model citizens, and will be missed.’

One investigator said that even though dense fog limited visibility at the time of the accident, many of the vehicles were going the speed limit of 70-miles-per-hour.