Top 10 reasons for break ups

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USA – It’s that tragic scene that marks the end of many relationships, the break-up.

Break-ups happen for all sorts of reasons. But, apparently men and women end relationships for very different reasons.

In a poll done by, that’s one of those websites where women can find their perfect sugar daddy and it also makes this list totally legit.

The number one reason men give for a break up is, “it’s just not working”.

Which ranks seventh on the list for women.

Commitment or lack of, seems to be a problem for both men and women.

Not surprisingly, “you don’t make enough money,” is third on the list for women.

What else would you expect from a sugar daddy poll?

Ranking high on the list for men is sex and attraction, which didn’t make the list for the ladies.

Men and women only agree on 5 reasons for breaking up, which “should” make the number one reason.

We don’t agree on anything.