7-year-old leukemia patient prescribed medical marijuana

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GLADSTONE, OR – Is it okay for a 7-year-old to use pot? Erin Purchase, an avid cannabis user, thinks so and she lets her daughter Mykayla take the drug. This may sound like a case for Child Protective Services, but before you decide you should know that Mykayla has cancer.

Here’s how she describes her illness, “It makes you not eat very good and it makes you kinda pukey.”

Mykayla has T-cell acute lympho-blastic leukemia and is one of 52 children in Oregon with a prescription for medical Mary Jane. But she’s not smoking her bammy. Mykayla takes her pot in the form of pills injected with concentrated marijuana oil. So far the giggle weed is working.

Her mom says, “She’s happier, she has more energy, she’s eating like she used to… she doesn’t have a lot of nausea. “

Though no one wants Mykayla to feel bad some question prescribing cannabis to a child.

Dr. Leslie Walker of Seattle Children’s Hospital is against it: “There are many studies that look at 13-year-old to 18-year-olds who use marijuana during that time and they lost IQ points and had brain damage that was not recovered when they stopped using.”

Purchase says, “(she) respects the views of people when they think it’s inappropriate.”

After one month of chemo and ‘chronic’ Mykayla went into remission. Her mother believes the headshop Smokewire and the ‘reefer’ kept her daughter from the ‘reaper.’  Obviously mom enjoys the ‘loco’ as well.