Bush Intercontinental named most expensive airport

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HOUSTON, TX – Traveling this holiday? Here’s something to consider: According to on-line travel site letsflycheaper.com, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the most expensive airport in the country to fly out of.

“I am surprised about it,” traveler M.A. Shute said. “I don’t know why that would be.”

Neither do we, but since we’re here, let’s speculate, shall we? The top three airports on the list are all major united airlines’ hubs. We’re looking your way Jeff Smisek.

I’ve flown out of a lot of airports before and I never really realized that George Bush was that expensive,” Robert Vessey said before boarding his flight to Miami.

That’s because the majority of costs associated with flying go to ticket prices – something the airport has little control of.

“We can’t do anything about that,” Airport Spokesperson Darian Ward explained, “what we can do is really focus on enhancing the customer experience.”

Yep. The airlines set the high prices and the airport takes the rap. This is why Bush has added amenities; things like valet parking and pre-check lanes to make the experience easier on your mind if not on your wallet.

“I don’t really think about that when I book an airline ticket,” Shute said. “I think about the price.”

“I care about it,” said Darian Ward. “I care about the restaurants that are here, I care about the shopping that’s here, I care about where I’m going to park.”

The latest convenience is a video phone in each terminal for travelers who are hard-of-hearing.

“If it’s, you know, maybe ten to fifteen dollars more to fly out of Bush with those conveniences,” Robert Vessey added, “I’d rather pay the ten or fifteen dollars.”

If you’re flying out of Bush, you may not have a choice. The best you can do is book early and get to the airport on time. After all, if you’re flying out of the most expensive airport in the country, you may as well take a moment to enjoy all those amenities.