Dance troupe brings old world burlesque to the Bayou City

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Move over Moulin Rouge, see ya’ later Cabaret, there’s a new show in town and this one is taking the art of erotica back to it’s roots.

Starting in December, the Houston Burlesque Revue will be dressing down the stage at the bayou music center, and bringing back the old world tradition of barroom burlesque. It’s part vaudeville, half carnivale and everything you’d imagine, mixed with some things you wouldn’t, so leave the kids at home for this one.

“A lot of people think burlesque and all they think is like, dirty, seedy, underground kind of world,” says dancer, Lady Jae, “But there’s so much more to it than that.”

The performance is homage to an art of strip tease, and we’re not talking the kind with the pole.

“Really what burlesque is is poor-man’s theatre,” Vivienne Vurmuth explains.  “It was started back in the 1900’s as a way for men and women who wanted to go out but couldn’t afford Broadway, so this was poor-man’s folly.”

And while the history of burlesque maybe mired in parlor room paramours alongside one-act comedies, these ladies will tell you it’s paved the way for sexual freedom.

“It’s empowering for women; it’s a way to be yourself and let that guard down and be you.”

So if you’re feeling nostalgic and looking for a little skin, you could do worse than a trip down the bayou. After all, no dollar bills are required here.