Families sue over deadly Midland train crash

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MIDLAND, TX – It was supposed to be a day to honor the fallen and celebrate those wounded veterans who made it back home. However, November 15th turned into a catastrophe when the float carrying those vets was hit by a freight train as it made its way over a railroad crossing.

Four veterans were killed; more than a dozen others were hurt. The situation is becoming even more of a train wreck (if that’s possible) because now, the folks involved want answers.

Two of the military veterans and their wives who were riding on the flatbed when it was hit are suing both the railroad company, Union Pacific, and the company that owns the flatbed truck. The lawsuit claims both companies showed gross negligence, saying Union Pacific didn’t provide a safe railroad crossing and proper warnings and also claims the driver of the flatbed didn’t exercise reasonable care for the passengers.

Union Pacific says an investigation shows the truck drove onto the tracks eight seconds after the flashing lights and bells began.

The National Transportation Safety Board has yet to release the results of its investigation.

So, it looks like the next stop is the courtroom, where hopefully finding answers for these families is put on the fast-track.