Lindsay Lohan arrested for assault

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liloNEW YORK, NY – Hollywood’s hot mess spent another night in a bar–no, strike that–behind bars.

New York Police hauled the handcuffed, troubled actress out of a bar early Thursday morning, after she allegedly punched a woman in the face.

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s catfight was over Max from the boy-band group ‘The Wanted’.

Apparently, Max wanted another woman, so Lindsay reacted with grace and dignity by slapping the woman.

Adding assault to injury, Lindsay Lohan is now facing a whole slew of charges from that California crash back in June.

Lying to cops, obstruction of justice, reckless driving–from coast to coast, Lindsay’s toast!

What the hell is wrong with this woman?

Guess she still has ‘Liz & Dick’ on the brain.