NYU student replies all to 39k classmates

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NEW YORK – Ever wish you could ‘edit:  undo’ in real life?  You would if you triggered “Reply-Allpocalypse!”

It all started when an NYU student got an email from the Bursar’s office. He tried to forward to his mom, but mistakenly hit “reply all” instead. Realizing the error, Max Wiseltier tried to right-the-wrong with a follow-up email and that’s how 39,000 discovered it was possible to get in on the thread!

Bear in mind, we’re talking about college students here.

One person mass emailed Nicolas Cage pics, another asked to borrow a pencil, somebody encouraged everyone to be happy and some others clearly expressed — they weren’t.

The whole thing went on for more than a day (pretty much a nightmare for the IT department, but a dream come true for social media and NewsFix!).

Eventually the account got deleted, but no one’s going to forget this anytime soon. Apparently even NYU – can fail.