Scientist invent scent that smells like nothing, literally

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ISRAEL – Don’t stop and smell the roses. There’s a new smell around.

But the only place you’ll be able to get a whiff, is a lab, in Israel.

The new smell, “Olfactory White”!  Kind of like white noise or white light, a mixture of sound frequencies or light wavelengths, this new scent is a mash up of many different smells.

We’re not really sure why we need to know any of this, but researchers at the Weizman Institute of Science decided they wanted to test the theory.

The scientists found that when more smell compounds were combined, the less easily people were able to tell them apart. The more components any given mixtures have, the more they smell alike, even if none of the components overlap.

So what does Olfactory White smell like? The scent is so bland, that it can’t be described!

Great, a scent that smells like nothing. We say that stinks!