2012 Hurricane season ends with 19 named storms

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WORLD – It’s the most wonderful time of the year in more ways than one. Forget the holidays; the Atlantic hurricane season ends today.

The final tally? 19 named storms, including 10 hurricanes. The average is usually 12 named storms, which means the 2012 season has been classified as “above normal.”

Four named storms hit the US this year: Tropical Storms Beryl and Debby hit Florida in May and June, respectively. Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana in August, and the most recent, and by far biggest of the 2012 season: Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey in October.

Total US damages? Around $80 billion, not to mention the hundreds of lives lost.

Hurricane season may be over, but there’s still motion in the ocean. What do Greenland, Antarctica and the Wicked Witch of the West have in common? They’re all melting.

A new study says ice from Greenland and Antarctica is melting. In fact, the study says that the pace has tripled from the 1990s. It goes without saying that this is contributing to the rise in sea levels.

Forget the zombie apocalypse. We might to take survival cues from Kevin Costner in Waterworld instead.