Atlanta school evacuated after carbon monoxide leak

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ATLANTA, GA – Nothing was cool about school when Finch Elementary in Atlanta had to evacuate 500 students and teachers from the building.

Students complained of dizziness and nausea, apparently from toxic levels of carbon monoxide.

The Atlanta Fire Department said it was the most carbon monoxide ever reported inside a building.

Adding to the chaos, were parents that were fuming mad at how it was handled.

Apparently, parents were having a hard time finding out information about their kids. In all the mayhem, 6 adults and 43 children had to be taken to area hospitals.

And while parents were trying to get their kids ‘out’ of school in Atlanta, parents were trying to get their kids ‘in’ school in South Carolina.

Much like a scene from Black Friday, parents camped out and trampled their way to get their kids into the school of their choice during early registration.

One woman was actually hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Let’s just hope kids aren’t learning that bad behavior in school.