Bloody George Zimmerman photo released

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SANFORD, FL – Just in time for the holidays, the Sanford, FL, police have handed out a gift that’s guaranteed to keep on giving.

It’s a high-res, full-color photo police took of George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman claims the 17-year-old high-school student attacked him at Zimmerman’s apartment complex after he confronted Martin.

Police have had the photo since February of last year, but did not give it to Martin’s attorneys until October.

Instead, cops handed out, a grainy, black-and-white photo copy.

“Well it’s just one example of the frustration we’ve had in this case getting some discovery,” said Zimmerman’s attorney Mark Omara. “This type of evidence should have come out day one. Quite honestly, I think it would have gone a long way to quelling a lot of the anger against George that was sort of propounded by some of the Trayvon Martin family handlers who turned this into much more than it ever was in the beginning.”

Zimmerman’s court trial is expected to start in June. But the trial in the court of public opinion has been going on for the past ten months.