Bobby Hebert convinced African-American threw eggs at bus

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – When the Saints arrived in Atlanta to play the Falcons, their bus was egged by one airport employee who obviously is a Falcon’s fan.

Airport officials have identified the employee, but will not release the person’s name.

That’s OK because former Saints quarterback and radio host, Bobby Hebert has figured it out on his own.

Hebert said during his radio show, “The African American community, they probably get into this game more than any of the fan base, whether it is New Orleans or Atlanta.”

Hebert’s co-host Deke Bellavia asked, “So you think it was a lot of brothers throwin’ the eggs?”

“Oh, without a doubt. If I’m guessin’, if that’s the ones doin’ the baggage claim, they were the ones throwin’ the eggs,” Hebert answered.

There’s no yolk about it, pretty stupid thing to say dude. Plus why would you want to egg people on about this incident?

Looks like Hebert will be scrambling to apologize for the comment soon.