Bostonians line up for free sex toys

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BOSTON, MA – Holiday treats came early in Boston, and not just for the ‘good’ boys and girls.

The Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Cart Tour rolled into Boston, loaded with lots of special toys for the city’s big girls and boys who believe that it’s oh so nice to be oh so naughty

Yeah, thousands of cheap pleasure seekers showed up hoping for a happy ending to their long wait in line.

The company says it gave out 10,000 adult toys in the city’s south end. (Yes, the south end.)

They wanted to share the good vibes at Boston’s city hall, but the mayor wasn’t feeling the love. He probably didn’t think sex toys went hand-in-hand at the place the public gets screwed by politicians.

At the end of the day, though, everyone who came walked away with a smile, and probably hoping to come again.