Hugh Hefner engaged to on again off again girlfriend, Crystal Harris

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – There’s big news coming from the Playboy Mansion and it’s not another outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the bunny den, fortunately. No, it seems 86-year-old Hugh Hefner and 26-year-old Crystal Harris is taking another whack at the whole marriage thing.

Crystal’s on again, off again relationship philosophy very well may be the reason Hef liked the blonde bombshell so much to begin with; but when she ditched him just five days before their 2011 nuptials, we thought these two were done for good. Apparently not.

Hef’s forgiving heart saw past Crystal’s case of cold feet (well, that or maybe he just totally forgot it happened in the first place), but the two say they plan on getting married on New Year’s Eve in front of close friends and family at the mansion. So, we wish them the best.

Crystal, we hope you enjoy a lifetime of dinners at five, extremely slow walks through the mall and Jello… lots of Jello. Because, as of 2013 you’ll officially be the chain to Hef’s ol’ ball!