Judge Okays bonuses for Hostess executives

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USA – Hostess executives are rolling in one last batch of dough. A federal bankruptcy judge Okayed $1.75 million worth of bonuses to 19 corporate officers and high-level managers.

Hostess says the bonuses are a carrot. Carrot cake is more like it! The bonuses will be doled out only if the big wigs stay put during the liquidation.

But Hostess isn’t all that bad. Like a lot of things, deep down, they’re actually sweet on the inside. A Waterloo, Iowa Hostess factory donated the goodies to a local food bank when the factory closed its doors.

“The breads are definitely appreciated and the sweet’s because who’s to say someone on a fixed income can’t have a treat as well,” said Mike Lend, Northeast Iowa Food Bank External Relations.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

“I really wouldn’t like to see our clients spend money on it so this is something they might not have and if we can provide it one last time that’s good,” said Barbara Prather, food bank executive director.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.