New procedure freezes the fat away

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KATY, TX – So, you’ve been dieting, even exercising to lose those extra pounds, but you’re still not satisfied. Those love handles and tummy bulge just don’t want to go. Liposuction seems a bit extreme? So what do you do?

The folks at Advanced Dermatology may have an answer.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham, a dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology says, “Diet by freezing!”

It may sound kind of harsh, but it’s a way to fight the fat without a surgical procedure.

Suction is used to pull the desired area into the device and then the temperature begins to drop.

“With this device you’re going to freeze the fat and leave the skin and the outlying structures basically unaffected.”

Sound like a miracle? Some claim it is!

Heith Rainey recommends the procedure saying, “I’ve had it done twice, I think it’s amazing. I’ve lost 20 lbs. and about 6 pant sizes.”

And that’s by sitting in an office and chillin’ for an hour. Get it — ‘chillin’?!

“There’s relatively no discomfort associated with this,” says Ingraham. “You a light freezing sensation, you sit there for an hour while each treatment is being treated. You can watch TV, play on the iPad, people make phone calls and go back to work after it’s done.”

It is a dream comes true for some, an easy way to get rid of some extra flab, but it isn’t cheap. $1,500 for a large area; or $750 for a smaller section.

It may not be a drop in the bucket, but for some it’s definitely worth it.