The worst hotel in the world

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AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – The best, the first, the most catchy phrases for killer advertising campaigns that will make you puke.  However, what’s common sense among copywriters is now being challenged by a hotel in the Netherlands.

Welcome to the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, according to its slogan: the worst hotel in the world.

“Now a bed in every room. Now even more rooms without a window.  Free wireless available with the neighbor’s password”, are some of the messages that explain the brand. All the luxuries you would expect from a hotel in Europe are simply not there, and they’re proud of it.

Clearly this is a clever PR strategy to lower the expectations of a young European clientele willing to pay $29 per night in rooms shared with six other guests. Environmentally concerned travelers will be able to use the hotel’s “eco-elevator”, in other words: the stairs.

In their reviews, customers say the hotel is not that bad after all. But who would believe a word of what visitors in Amsterdam say: hotels don’t matter for the trips they’re really interested in.