5 states extend school year by 300 hours

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USA – There’s reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now you can add “really pissed off kids” to the list.

Starting next year, students in 40 public schools across five states will be sitting behind their desks a little longer.  At least 300 hours will be added to the school year.

Though, it’s not ironed out yet whether the hours in the actual school day will be longer, or if the number of days in the school year will be extended.

Lone Star State kids can thank their lucky stars. The program, called Time Collaborative kicks off in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Colorado and Tennessee. The program is especially geared toward kids in low-income areas.

Kids won’t be using that extra time to hit the books. Instead, it will give students a chance for enrichment time, like music, art, robotics and sports.

There’s no doubt those kids will be hell on wheels once they find out this!

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