Additional copies of ‘Lincoln’ headed to Alaska theaters

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LOS ANGELES, CA – To be honest, Abe Lincoln didn’t have much luck when it came to theaters. And now, nearly 150 years after John Wilkes Booth assumed the role of America’s first presidential assassin, Lincoln still isn’t feeling the love.

Maybe, but Walt Disney, the folks who distribute the new Lincoln flick for Dreamworks Pictures, seems to have forgotten Old Abe wanted to be President of all the people in all the states.

And, today, that includes the people in Alaska, you know, the place where some folks can see Russia from their front porches.

The word out of Hollywood is that the mouse is putting out extra prints as fast as possible, and sending some up north to Alaska, particularly to the Gross Alaska chain that owns two theaters in Juneau and one in Ketchican.

But Lincoln will take a back seat to Brad Pitt who’s Killing Them Softly right now, and Red Dawn, which is the remake of Red Dawn, and, The Man with the Iron Fists, which opens Friday in Juneau.

So it looks like the great emancipator will have to stand in line behind a mob enforcer, the baddest man alive, and some teen-age patriots fighting the North Koreans.


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