Kate Middleton released from hospital

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LONDON – It was a royal release at King Edward the seventh Hospital in central London Thursday morning. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was discharged after several days of treatment for “acute morning sickness.”

Kate looked like pure princess perfection as she left though. A bouquet in one hand and hubby Prince William in the other there was no evidence whatsoever that she’d been losing her lunch for the past few days. Now, she’s off to Kensington Palace for a “period of rest,” because only royalty gets assigned down time after several days of resting in the hospital.

The Duchess can rest a little easier now knowing the two Australian DJ’s who prank called her nurse Tuesday morning are now offering an apology.

The pranksters from Sydney’s 2Day FM say the call was “done with light-hearted intentions.”

Who knows? Maybe the royal repercussions for these two comedic callers’ will be filling in as court jesters when the little tyke arrives, because that’s when Kate will undoubtedly need an assigned “period of rest.”

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