Penn State sorority apologizes for Mexican-themed party

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STATE COLLEGE, PA – Penn State is getting the old hairy eyeball, again. But this time, it’s not about sex with boys.

It’s all about this photo of the ladies of Chi Omega taken at a Mexican-theme party around Halloween. It wasn’t the sombreros that got the girls in trouble. It wasn’t even the mustaches. And you won’t find any badges in the photo.

But you will see these hand-made signs that read ‘WILL MOW LAWN FOR WEED AND BEER” and “I DON’T CUT GRASS, I SMOKE IT”.

The story about the picture broke in the student-run blog called Onward State and since then, students and administrators have blasted the sorority.

“It’s just really grossly inappropriate in a lot of ways,” said one student.

Theme parties are common at Penn State, but some students, like Taylor Maietta, think this one went a bit too far. “We’ve had Mexican parties, we’ve had Mexican food, things like that. I mean, we’ve never dressed up like that, but. . .”

The national group has sanctioned the Penn State chapter, and university administrators apparently haven’t decided what they’re going to do.

But student Grant Berry has his ideas about what his fellow Nittany Lions should do.

“The person who first taught me Spanish is actually from Mexico City. She doesn’t have a mustache. She doesn’t wear a sombrero or a poncho, so I would really recommend that people, rather than do things like this and generalize an entire group of people, spend some time, get on Wikipedia, learn a little bit about that culture. You’re at a university, it might help you to study a little bit more.”

There may be more to this story other than rude comments about Mexicans.

Evan Ponter, the writer who broke the story for the student blog has his own Facebook page, naturally, and a Twitter account, where we found a tweet from back in November where he seems to make a derogatory comment about fraternity members at Penn State, or at least a rude comment about gays, a comment that involved doing something to the male genital.

We asked him about it, and he admitted his tweet was, in his words ‘totally out of line’. But he’s standing by his comment, which he says he directed at the Greeks, and not the gays.

Well, we don’t know about that, but we do know that Penn State’s not going to the Fiesta Bowl any time soon.

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